Tuesday, May 5, 2009


It's my last day in London, yo!

It's been a really great weekend here. At first, when I got back from Dublin, I was just ready to go home. I was tired out, overwhelmed and everyone was leaving me. Plus it didn't help that every newspaper that greeted me on the tube either had pictures of broken bodies after the had been stuck by a car in the Netherlands, or the caption 94k will die from swine flu. No joke. But that's how the free papers work- they're really no better than the tabloids you read in the super market, (to refresh your memory, they're the people who called Michelle Obama "beefy"....)

But then I saw waiting for Godot, and saw Covent Gardens and heard the bells at St. Paul's, and revisited my lovely Borough Market. And then the past couple days I've been hanging out with the lovely lovely Danaya, one of my friends at BADA. She and I have been having a blast, going to pubs, watching movies, and yesterday we spent four hours in a bookstore. I was in heaven. And David's boyfriend Yoni has been taking good care of us, feeding us and letting us use his computer. So it's been good. Today I have about a million things to do; still trying to visit the Victoria and Albert museum, need to run a few errands, use up a gift card, and gonna try to go back to Leaden Hall market (aka Diagon Alley!) phew! well, better get started...

I leave London tomorrow at ten am, so this will most likely be my last post in England. We shall see.

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