Friday, May 1, 2009

Crazy Eights

Back in London, y'all! Dublin was a blast, but it's nice to be in a city I actually know again. My hostel I'm staying at sucks, but I'm only there three days before I caravan to the next one.

Anyways, short little story: I am seeing Waiting for Godot tonight with Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen. Just a little excited for that. As I was in it last year, it'll be cool to see a professional take on it. But in order to get cheap (and therefore viable) tickets, my friend David and I sat outside the theater starting at about seven this morning. We then proceeded to sit there until about 10, when the box office opened. Crazy? yes. But we ended up playing cards with these hilarious guys from Montreal and a really nice lady from CA, which made the time go faster. There were that's what she said jokes, insults and entertainment references flying all over the place. Plus a truck (lorry, if you will), drove by blasting "Sweet Child of Mine" so that was stuck in our heads as well.

This is my last Friday in London. I'm mixed about it. Sad that I'm leaving, but also can't wait to get home to the things I know and love best. And the people!!


  1. Only three hours? That's nothing. You should've seen me and Sam waiting for... Or wait, you did see us that day. ;)

  2. omg, waiting for godot with those guys?!?!?!?


    I will see you in less than a week! :D:D:D:D

  3. Wow, that sounds amazing!
    And I get to see you soon!!!!!!!! Exclamation points!!!!!!