Wednesday, April 29, 2009

...and david took a nap!

Greetings from Dublin!

I have resurfaced briefly courtesy of Scott a guy in my hostel. But yes, I am in Dublin with my buddy David. We jokingly called this our "honeymoon" because the plane tickets were addressed to Mr and Mrs. Lerner.

Dublin's lovely. Actually, the majority of Ireland is. And in the rain, it gives you a whole new definition of the word green. It's very pretty. Yesterday we checked out the Cliffs of Moher, along with a large stretch of Irish countryside. It's all hilly and covered with sheep, I was very satisfy ed. David found a bunch of four leaf covers, too- that was very exciting. Today we went on a three hour (free!) walking tour that was quite excellent. Learned a bunch about Irish History, which is really interesting especially when I put it next to all the Scottish and British history I've picked up over the past four months. Our evenings have been spent in pubs with Guinness and good music. Tonight I even danced a bit which made me very happy. David's very good at humoring me like that.

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