Friday, January 9, 2009


So, to switch tones after that last post...

I am now in London. This trip has started. I arrived safely in Heathrow at &:15 this morning, made my way through baggage and customs (note, if your suitcase is black, it will look like everyone elses.), dragged it all on to the train and rolled into London as the sun rose.

I am writing from my new apartment, a two bedroom place that I share with Lizzy, Lena and Leana. (Aparently the "L" team's the new J team and I'm the odd one out, but no matter, J team will always be the best!). The apartment is quirky. We have two bedrooms (with beds that don't sound like they're dying whenever you sit on them), two toilets (?!), a lovely livingroom and a kitchen with a mini washing machine in it.

Because I was a bad person, I napped when I got here, so to wake up a bit, I went walking. Although it was kinda cool not to have any idea where I was... I had no idea where I was. The blocks are not on a grid system, and street names are posted on the side of building up on the second floor, so I got a bit lost, wandering around looking for "the building by the two gambling places and a grocery store.", because really that was the best I could do.

There will be more to come on Sunday once I've done orientation.


  1. was just in Spain, street signs on the sides of buildings are confusing when you're trying to drive around.

    How'd you like heathrow? It's one of the best airports I've ever been in, very very nice.

  2. yeah, very nice. fairly straightforward.

  3. So I was emptying my passport holder, which I haven't used since my choir tour summer after 10th grade. I found a 5 pound bill and some change and I thought, "clearly I should have given this to Jamie before she left!"

  4. Congradulations on surviving the journey!

  5. Yay, i'm so glad you made it! And so jealous of you for being there!!

  6. I have 75 pounds in my room still. I should have worked out some sort of exchange.

    Please tell me that photos are coming forthwith

  7. photos will come. now that my camera has batteries!