Wednesday, January 7, 2009

stage fright

so i leave tomorrow. holy crap. in 24 hours i will be airborn.

current status: two half filled suitcases, a new power cord, nine nails chewed down to the skin. am i a little anxious? oh yes, i am.

i didn't understand this summer when people told me they were nervous to go abroad. i now get it. there's that part in the first "lord of the rings" where bilbo explains to gandalf about frodo's love for the shire? that's me. i'm frodo, and i love my twin cities, sap-shire very very much. at least he got to bring friends along. but then i spose, he was also being chased by crazy mostly dead warriors, and he was traveling to mount doom... maybe this is an okay trade off. at least i can still talk to friends back home.

not to worry, excitement's building, too. this is it, this is my dream since about 7th grade, (only then it was boarding school, thank goodness it's changed a little). i'm gonna make the most of it.

(sung) wish me luck as you wave me goodbye....