Saturday, January 17, 2009

Why the Internet Sucks

I've been here for over a week now, and I will do a post about what London is like after being there for more than seven days, but first I need to write this. I'm not trying to be mellowdramatic or anything, just needed to put it out there somewhere.

My Grandpa (mom's) died. This is hard for me to deal with because along with the loss being painful, it just emphasizes how far away I am from home, and how much is out of my control. Leave and never see people again is just terrifying to me. But the shock was increased because I learned of his death by an email from an uncle on my dad's side. My parents had been planning to tell me online when we had our planned skype talk, but before that I got this email saying, "I heard about your grandfather, I'm sorry for your loss." Which is just a shitty way to have the news broken to you. Plus I was home alone on a Friday night, which does wonders for your emotion levels already.

I think I'll be okay tho. I emailed a goodbye letter that will be burried with my grandfather, (mom's idea), which helped a little. I also went on a walk today that really cleared my head. It reminded me how lovely life can be, and why we choose to live it. (yes cheesy, now shut up!)


  1. Dude, that sucks. I'm sorry. Maybe I'll stop by your family's and give them my consolations? Would that be ok?

    Also, the goodbye letter sounds like a really neat thing to do, just for yourself. And by "neat" I mean healthy, and good.

  2. As sad as being far away from family when we dont want to be can be, it is nice to do something to help your conscience out, like a letter (very creative idea, esp with you in the British Isles and all). I offer my condolences, also hopefully there arent too many gray skies in london, last time I was there, there were a ton. P.S. Frisbee this summer!!!!

  3. Aw Jamie, I'm so sorry to hear about this- I'll be thinking of you and your family.
    Also, I totally feel you on the leaving and never seeing people again being terrifying-- when the "sensitive situation" (as they call it here) in Gaza started happening, it was definitely something that was very present in my mind.

  4. Oh, Jamie, I'm so sorry. Please keep in touch with all of us, we care about you!

  5. thanks guys, it really helps to hear from you (it's so akward to bring up here). colin, i'm sure my parents would love a visit from you, thanks for thinking of it.