Tuesday, January 20, 2009

class report II

Alright, so as promised, here is part two of my classes. Wed and Thurs mornings I have movement, which right now consists of lots of running and skipping and piggy backs.

Then in the afternoons, there’s physical theater. This may be one of my favorite classes; it’s taught by this guy named Mic with white haired and oversized button ups that he never tucks in. He’s really funny, and has a great dry sense of humor. Whenever we play games you can get “out” or lose points anytime he deems you’ve done something stupid. Elsewhere this might be cruel, but he has this way of doing it makes us laugh at ourselves, which is really nice after all these other intense classes, just to remember we like acting and being silly.

My other two classes are with this guy Chris Cook, who I do not have a great opinion of so far. He’s a theater critic in charge of teaching history of theater, (which interestingly enough is only European theater…) and theater criticism. Both of his classes are two hours, and from what I see, he talks a lot at us about the playwright and a reading of a scene in the assigned play, (if it’s theater history), and then twenty minutes to “discuss”. Bah. He also fell asleep at the play we went to last night– which was amazing by the way, it was all about Brazil post slavery through the use of capoeira. Really sweet.

In other, (better) news, nailed my sonnet today, which was great since I already had a scrape with the teacher in that class– she saw me writing down notes in my notebook and decided I was doing work for another class. Very bad, took a while to sort out. Anyway, I did it today, and she goes “Well, I thought that was just marvelous… anyone else?” and then proceeded to compliment me for a good couple of minutes. Made me very happy.

Also, went to a club Saturday night, which was a lot of fun. IT was pouring rain on the walk over, so that was intense, but once we got inside we had a really good time. It’s a little place called “Moose” that tries to be kitchy with tweed wallpaper and antlers, but at the same time is playing Sean Paul. It’s like a party in a basement that just happens to have a bar. And there’s no cover charge, which is lovely. Danced a lot, including with two guys– William (I believe, hard to hear), and Windbreaker boy (no name but we high fives as I left).

Tomorrow I have a tutorial at 9, so I better head to bed. Hope you’re all well, and having good first weeks of school (those who’ve just started)

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  1. Are you suprised by the History of theatre class? Europe is where all the history lives.