Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Practice makes Permanant

I saw "A Midsummer's Night Dream" last night, pretty decent for five pounds. They had cool fairy "puppets" with heads detached from their bodies but held together with string. I kinda want one. I also want Titania's dress, very similar to the Blue Fairy of Pinnochio, only somehow more badass. The fairies in general were very punk, which made for cool costumes. Anyways, watching it brought back memories from jr. high, which was very funny. Turns out that's actually going to be one of our two end of term productions. That and something that I'm assuming will be an all female cast, due to our shortage of males (only six).

Today in Modern Physical I had to declare my love for a classmate going through what's known as the seven layers of tension. The sixth level is akin to a bomb explosion, Mic said treat it like you've been up for a week straight trying to figure out how best to tell this person you love them. I'm not even sure half of what I said, but he never told me to "be crazier" like he did the others. About halfway through, though, he tells me Jen (she who I am declaring undying devotion) doesn't love me, I've been making a fool out of myself. So as I'm freaking out, what ends up coming out of my mouth is "I'm gonna bake you into a pie, then who's the fool?" and cackling like mad. It was all good fun, though.

Success in Stage Combat, too. Well, partial success. Natalie still thinks our class is too wimpy, but I'm apparently the toughest one there. Ha, yay! I'm practicing a lot at home with a fork and a serving spoon as my rapier and dagger, hopefully that'll help.

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