Sunday, February 1, 2009

Very Berry Trifle

What a lovely weekend it has been! Technically festivities began Thursday, when my flatmate Leanna and I scoped out a salsa bar called Salsa! (go figure). I only had two hours of class on Friday, (which can sometimes make it seem pointless to walk all the way there, but this Friday it was lovely so I didn’t mind).

Friday, a whole group of us trooped out to Salsa!. We split a couple pitchers of margaritas and then stole the abandoned alcohol from a bachlorette party where the girls all wore red sparkly heart shaped antennas. The bar is actually not too different from Famous Dave’s, a little larger, with more dance space, and thankfully a slightly younger crowd. I danced with at least six guys, and only one of them was icky. Had to save another BADA girl, though. Her partner then tried to dance with us, but I told him “She’s all mine.” Dancing felt really good, it’s probably when I feel best about myself. My feet were angry with me for being in heels two nights in a row, but it was worth it.

The next day I got up and went to a soccer game with my friend, Katie. It was a Fullham/Portsmouth game, which funnily enough was the same match up as the game I saw four years ago. A good game, though. We (Fullham- they’ll always have a special place in my heart), won 3-1. The opposing fans were really funny- they brought a beach ball and an inflatable banana which they passed around until it got all wrinkly and deflated.

Today I was good for a while and did some homework… by which I mean read a book I found in the library, and then I bussed over to Trafalgar’s Square for the Chinese New Year celebration. It was a lot of fun, though really crowded. People are really rude, they just keep pushing you or whack you with their camera as they try to shoot pictures (no, my head is NOT a suitable stabilizer for your camera!). It was a very impulsive buying day, I bought lo mein, bubble tea, a red bean moon cake (yes, I know it’s the wrong holiday), lychee juice, and then stickers and two Olympic pins (score!). Once it got dark, they set off fireworks. Because we were in the heart of the city, they obviously couldn’t be that high, but they were really pretty all the same. And loud- the noise was just ricocheting off the surrounding buildings.

It snowed today, at first just light flurries, but now it falling hard and the sky is nearly lavender with all the falling snowflakes. I went out with the Californians and we had a snowball fight and made a little snowman, no bigger than a foot tall. We named him Yorrick and snuck him on the elevator, and after showing him off to all the BADA flats, we dumped him out the window, a hero’s death. Some of the BADA kids are bussing tomorrow because they’re afraid it will be too cold with the snow, I just laughed. As I write this, I can hear people out on the streets running and playing, and just now there was a little bagpiping. It makes me smile, I’d forgotten how much snow cheers me up.


  1. You've got, like, a week until you can celebrate a month in London?

    This year is going quick. My my how the world turns.

  2. I heard the blizzard is hitting England pretty hard. stay toasty!