Friday, March 27, 2009

Birthday Friday

Although I overslept today and had to get ready for class in fifteen minutes, I had a fairly good Friday.

Jessica our wonderful, wonderful voice teacher made a visit to rehearsal today, to work with the mechanicals on finding male voices. I suppose I should take a moment, and fill you in: I got Peter Quince in Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream for our final production. I'm pretty happy with the part; it's a comedic role, and he's the director of the play within a play, which is cool. Anyways, I spent the morning emasculine-ing my walk and voice. We talked about how generally men are more direct and economical in their words and actions. Whereas women's speech generally flies up and takes a somewhat curvy path, a man is very direct in how he speaks, there's an assumed authority. It's pretty interesting. I apparently was one of the best at being a man. When I friend complimented me, I took out my "manly enough" card as a response; she was pretty amused. I have also taken to observing men on my way to school (not to be confused with boywatching, this gets done too, but never while I'm working... my friend David and I have devised our own version of me first. :P). I also got to have a little one-on-one chat with the director, which was much needed, and I feel better now.

This afternoon was pretty chill, though I did go running (don't say anything- you'll jinx it), and worked out for an hour. Didn't work on my paper as planned, though I emailed the teacher, which I think should count for something.

But tonight was great. In celebration of two of my friends at BADA's birthday, we went to this Mexican restaurant, Mestizo. Let me explain something: England does not really believe in Mexican food. Halal meat stands and Subways (with Halal meat) pretty much have replaced Taco Bell and Chipotle here. So basically, I had the most amazing chicken enchilada I have had in a long time. And a mojito. I even spoke Spanish to the waiters... The evening was dampened slightly by one of the BADA boys getting very drunk and having a couple of breakdowns, until he had to be taken home because he was walking around the restaurant in his socks and lifting up the furniture. But we hailed him a taxi and all was well. Then we went to a club called Cargo and danced to a group called "Pack Rat." Minus being trampled at the coat check, it was a nice place. The night bus home (tubes stop running by midnight) was the perfect quiet windown to a busy busy day. And now I am here, writing to you...


  1. Where does the birthday come in?

  2. it was two peoples' birthday? i mention it in the post- they wanted mexican food.