Saturday, March 14, 2009


I'm baaaaaackk!!! What a dizzingly amazing week. Updates to come- I'm still processing it all in my mind, trying to decide whether or not the week actually happened. In the meantime, a little silliness:

My roomate, Lena, often brings her lunch to school and eats it up in the greenroom. One day last week, she felt lazy and didn't want to walk her spoon three floors down to the kitchen when she had finished eating, so she drops it in David's lap, saying "no give backs!" or something to that effect. And so David (a guy in my group, btw), was left with a spoon. Later during a break in Theater History, another girl in my group, Anna comes up looking confused and hands Lena a spoon saying, "David wanted you to have this..."

So that night I go to see a play with David and Noel, called "Fucking Men" (more on this another time...) and we've ordered drinks at the pub beforehand. David reaches into his pocket to pay and pulls out... that's right, a spoon.

So now it's officially on, the spoon war. Only, then we all leave for break. A week in various countries all over Europe. Naturally I forget about it all. Then tonight, there's a knock at the door, and when I answer it, the front desk guy, Tibi (i think??) is there holding a spoon. Only David's in Liverpool, so lord knows how it ended up in our hall. So Lena has decided it's clearly my fault, and now I'm "my own team" in the spoon war. Oh, and she and Anna have started calling me Jaimiqua. It's a new one to say the least...


  1. I like this spoons idea. Also, how do you say that name? I have no idea how to read that.

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