Friday, March 20, 2009

lovestruck and chocolate

Two random stories, not really related.

After a particularly long week and difficult day, I decided I needed chocolate. So I put on my coat and shoes, grabbed some change and walked to the store. Picked out a new candy and brought it up to cashier, who promptly pointed out i was a pound short. ( I thought the 10p piece was a pound). I apologize and go to try to find a different candy bar. I find a large Galaxy bar for 1.26. I present the new candy bar to the same cashier, half sheepishly, but also proud that I have found a candy bar suitable for my price range. He points out that one pound and to 10 p coins are not sufficient. I now feel incredibly stupid. I think he realizes though that it's been one of those days, and I desperately need chocolate. He tells me just to pay with what I have. An hour later, I am eating said bar, watching Mamma Mia (don't judge!) and feeling better. Points for him.

I have taken lately to reading the "Lovestruck" section of the London Paper, a free semi professional daily paper. "Lovestruck" is a section where people can text mini messages to random people they have seen and have been smitten by. Example, "To the shy blond guy on Wednesday, do we both board the 7.54 from Shepard's Bush? I'm the middle carriage girl, even more shy than you!" Sappy? Yes. Sweet? Most definitely. And some of them have great story potential, like this one: "To the lovely girl on the DLR... You thought I was disabled and helped me with my fold-up wheelchair, which was actually a bike. Trust me, I've got full feeling in both legs." It appeals to the sappy romantic in me, I'd like to think that some of these work out in the end.

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