Monday, March 30, 2009

Really? huh, damn.

Walking home from rehearsal today, I saw a man carrying a slaughtered pig over his shoulder (sans head- the pig, not him.) It wasn't bloody or anything, but it was definitely raw. Made me almost wish I had my camera- something about how casually he was carrying it. My friend Paige goes, "Well, that's going in the diary." I think she was kidding, but i decided to write about it here anyways.

Couldn't sleep last night. Just lay there, trying to figure out what was going on in my head that was keeping me up. Finally got up around six when the sun was coming through my window at me, and decided to go for a run, since sometimes when I do that I stop thinking. I did, but I still have no idea what was stressing me out so much.

I end with a funny little story: Here I am, on my side of the pond, trying to grasp all new and unfamiliar things to me. So when stuff starts coming up for Mother's Day, like an obedient child, I make my mom a card, and post-haste it to her, without questioning. Now, you Americans who are on top of things, (or are mothers yourselves...) might be thinking "wait a minute, Mother's Day is in May...." Or maybe, you're just going, "Crap, I missed it!" Well, as my mom pointed out for me in her thank you email, "you wrote that you were sad to have missed it, but you didn't. Mother's Day isn't until the middle of May." Turns out this is something else the UK does different. Mother's Day, or Mothering Day, as it's called here, is on the 22nd of March, somehow fitting in with Lent, though I'm not clear why. Now you know.

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