Monday, March 2, 2009

The Next Stop is... Waterloo

This is "That Post." The one I write when I'm stressed out about what needs to get done. This is my last week of classes, finals time. I know that seems quick to all of you, but consider it's been eight weeks of class 9-5 daily, with very few breaks. I am wiped out. The second half of the semester is a full-out production performed in a professional venue. So this could be considered my Midterms, too, I suppose. Either way I am running out of time.

Tomorrow I perform my Twelfth Night scene for my Shakespeare class, and then present four monologues in my one-on-one tutorial. I also have my last rehearsal for my scene in High Comedy which gets presented on Thursday. At some point, I also need to work on imitating one of my classmates which I present to the rest of the class on Thursday as well. I just got back from seeing a play for my Criticism class (Dancing at Lugnasa, very enjoyable), and then went straight to a group meeting to write our paper for Stage Combat. Group projects are very difficult when people are too tired to work on them. Or when you're the only one who remembers the blocking for the fight. I'm terrified I remembered wrong, and so I'll have single-handedly have fucked up my group.

Everyone's a bit on edge right now, I'm doing a lot of tip-toeing around. I got in the middle of a semi awkward outburst, where one girl was confronting another about how rude she had been to us, "You were really rude to Jamie and to me," while I just sort of stood there looking at my feet because really it hadn't bothered me all that much... and on top of everything I burned my arm while turning off the stove. Ouch.

Ideally I will also have spent some time working on my audition and learning useful phrases in both Czech and Italian, (since I'm going for spring break), but at this point it's a one step at a time. I have some chocolate in the cupboard, I think I'll make it.


  1. "Non parlo italiano"
    "Non capisco"
    "Posso avere...."

  2. How about one for "bastard". I feel like you may need that one a lot. Creepy Italian fuckers. Anyways, good luck on finals, if they didn't already happen, and I'm sure the play will be fun and interesting. As far as your blocking goes, if you messed it up, you can still blame them for failing to remember any of it at all. Losers. =P

  3. teehee thanks. actually yanthi's the one that needs to learn some version of bastard, all the sketchy guys talk to her. and lena's just taught me "fuck off" but i can't remember it right now...