Tuesday, March 17, 2009

drunken lullabies

These past three days I have been on a quest to go buy bread from the store. I am failing miserably at it. Meant to go today but, well... festivities came first.

I love St. Patrick's Day. On Sunday, Trafalgar's Square had a big party (the same place Chinese New Years was), so I slapped on my new sunglasses (yes I'm still immensely proud of them), and went down to party. It was pretty intense, I thought there had been a large crowd at Chinese New Years, I was mistaken. There were a ton of people, most of them genuinely Irish, too. They do that bit differently in England, very little emphasis on heritage since either you're a foreigner or you're a Brit (this is a simplification and generalization, but still you get the point). I can't tell people I'm Czech or Scottish, they just tell me I'm American. Anyways, the street in the square was soaked in beer (non I'm proud to saw was mine), and there was good music. Actually I looked down at one point, and saw a pineapple on the ground. I was still contemplating its existence, when a man ran up and snatched going, (in an Irish accent) "ooh my pineapple!" Still not fully sure what that was about. Anyways, it was interesting being in England, what with all the cultural/historical tensions between the England and Ireland; especially recently with a reprise of violence in Northern Ireland.

We got let out of rehearsal early today, and took full advantage of it. The Earl of Camden, a little pub a few blocks away from school was doing two for one pints of Guinness, so we thought that'd be a good time. We ended up staying until about eight thirty, and had a blast eating and drinking and carrying on. (And in some cases oggling the very lovely looking men). At one point I found myself polkaing with this girl Deniyah (sp?), and in general we were just killing ourselves laughing. My friend David tried to steal a pint glass (klepto...), but he dropped it on the way out, and it shattered. I call that karma. Anyways, a very lovely St. Patrick's Day. Hope yours was the same.

edit: I think my neighborhood may be feeling slightly threatened by all this Irish Pride going on. There has been blasting Indian music and numerous car horns going off.

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