Tuesday, February 10, 2009

blondies with blades

Stage fighting went well today, there is hope! Natalie did not rip us to shreds! Huzzah! We have now graduated to Phase II of the fight, which unfortunately goes against all previous training. Oh well, my opposite thigh is pleased to be larger part of the workout, (though we'll see if I'm saying that tomorrow...).

This is the fight so far:
Phase I: thrust, thrust, lift and kick. Over the head, armpit, cross. Scratizone (or something equally as complicated sounding...it means to scratch), thrust, hit, leap.
-------- broken up with walking, stalking, talking, insulting ...y'know, acting)--------------
Phase II: Traverse, switch... (to be continued next week).

The switch, (which may come to have another name, I've forgotten if it does), is a bitch to learn. It involves switching your weight whilst in a lunge, leaping backward and to the left, swiviling your hips to go with your feet, but keeping your face towards your opponent. This is coupled with a blade parry, (as opposed to one with a dagger), and flipping your dagger around in your left hand. This is all done in one move, by the way. simultaneous like.

In other news, I got cast in a scene in Shakespeare as Viola from Twelfth Night. The casting is unsurprising (the crossdressing tomboy as opposed to the lovely lady), but as it is one of my favorite plays, I'm okay with that. Viola's pretty cool.

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  1. okay, I think I've figured out what the switch looks like in real life, and it sounds painfully difficult to do.