Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Metal overload, a taste test

This is a bit of what's going through my mind right now:

Why should I love this gentleman, tis odds
He never will affect me. I am base,
My father the mean keeper of his prison,
And he a prince. To marry him is hopeless.
And I'll lay my life, he deserves your love more than he wants it. Did I not tell you my lord would find a way to come at you? Love's his distemper and you must be the phsyician. Put on all your charms, summon all fire into your eyes, plant the whole artillery of your looks against his breast and down with him!
A thousand knees,
Ten thousand years together, naked, fasting
Upon a baren moutain, and winter still
In storm perpetual could not move the gods to look
That way thou wert.
Once he kissed me,
I loved him the better ten days after!
Would that he do so everyday! He grives much.
He oughta ask that cop who put Eathan in jail if I'm tough. "I'm just trying to teach him a lesson." Well, I let him know what I thought about lessons like that at a hundred and sixty decibels and he goes "stop, stop, you got a voice like an ax, and my head is splitting!"
I suppose, madam, you made him drink plenty of asses milk!
I have made fault, I am sorry for it.
All faults I make when I do come to know them,
I do repent.

...So yeah. When you go to a liberal arts school, you get things like cross disciplinary skills and lots of stress during midterms when you write multiple papers simultaneously. Here at BADA, you just have a million different lines running through your head. As well as a different style of acting for each.

Also, a word on corsets: put on your heels before hand. Putting them on after is nigh-impossible. To clairfy, this is not the satiny numbers you buy at Vistoria's Secret. This is the bonning sticking you in the back, tightly laced up by hand by someone else canvass corsets. We wear them in my High Comedy class. Plus side, I get great cleavage, downside, breathing and memorization are not as enhanced.