Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Three Days of Snow

It has snowed in London. The most it has snowed in 18 years, I'm told. Which by my count is 6 inches or so. Some schools have gotten a two day snowday.

It was pretty to walk around in though, all these old buildings blanketed in white. And the park is covered with snowmen, they're just everywhere! And yesterday it was perfectly accpetable to walk around with a snowball in hand. I had two hot coccoas and a good snowball fight.

It's good the snow cheers me up, because today was a rough day. For some reason everyone was just in a bad mood, myself included. Which is a shame really, considering I saw this great play, "Three Days of Rain" last night. I walked out of the theater nearly crying in happiness, which was a lovely feeling. One of the three actors was James McAvoy, Mr. Tumnus in Narnia, (among other things). I got his autograph after the show- he has a lovely burr in his accent, all the funnier because he speaks with an American accent onstage.

The snow made me wonder though. There are students here who have never really lived in snow before. Never experienced it. What must that be like, to experiance for the first time? Perhaps a bit like my classmate Noel, who has never seen nor read Romeo and Juliet. What must that have been like to see? To know the story, (or to know the general concept of snow), but never have experienced the details?


  1. I saw a man who looked like he should be a faun the other day.

  2. Yay James McAvoy!!! That's pretty awesome. Also, re: the last paragraph, didn't you already go through this freshman year? Think about your different perspective on that now.

  3. If you think explaining snow to people in London who have never seen it is hard, you should try explaining it to Africans! The best way I have found to tell them about MN is to go sit in a freezer for 10 minutes in a t-shirts and shorts. They laugh until they realize that I really mean it's that cold.