Monday, February 9, 2009

performace revue- the musical

I've now been here a month, funny how time flies. A month ago I was tossing and turning on an airplane, with one earbud playing Atmosphere's "Music Box", pretending that I'd get some sleep before I landed, and becoming more and more distracted by the rising sun. Inspired by this post, I thought I'd do a little one month review.

Things I now know:
-- Where my flat is. This is crucial information when you go out on a walk your first day.
-- How to successfully flush our toilet. (It hums angrily at you when done improperly).
-- The useful acronym "blood" in stage fighting (balance, leading with the weapon, eye contact, distance)
-- How to use a fan in the Restoration style
-- The nearest tub stops
-- Never to leave without an umbrella
-- To always tell the people you meet you voted for Obama (big points, no joke).
-- What way to look when crossing the street. (mostly- turns still mess me up).

Things I'm proud of/Accomplishments:
-- A sonnet in Sheila's class rated "simply marvelous"
-- Getting advice/critique from Fiona Shaw
-- My navagational skills
-- Salsa dancing
-- Snow! (okay, not my doing, btu certainly my supporting)
-- Grocery shopping on a budget
--Taking on the Tub in heels

Things to work on/Goals:
-- PR, must smile more, they take me seriously here.
-- Stage fighting. Natalie will kill me someday otherwise...
-- Finding somethig good for auditions (three weeks, eeeeeee)
-- More adventures! I've been exploring, but I need to do more outside my norm.


  1. Have you been traveling in your bathtub, or did you just leave the 'e' off of Tube for this entire post?
    Gotta say, though, the idea of you using a bathtub to travel in heels around central London is pretty amazing--Jamie in a bathtub at rush hour floating by all sorts of men in business suits and hipsters is a fantastic image.
    Your life sounds amazing, I'm glad you're doing well!

  2. ...HA! wow, i had no idea (obviously...)

    To clarify: while i agree it would be extremely amazing to be able to travel around in a bath tub, i do take the TUBE. with an E. only sans oystercard, because the metrotravel people are liars and did not send me my card.

  3. I hear the snow cost London lots and lots of money...

  4. Can we add proofreading to your list of things to get better at?


    No, in all seriousness, sounds like an alright month. You got my first month update by now, so you know how my life's been going on. I could see you needing to adventure more in a non-Jamie adventuring direction. Spelunk!