Tuesday, February 24, 2009

wasted cucumbers and tempting icecream

I just got back from seeing a production of King Lear. Probably one of the goriest I ever hope to see. To give you a hint, the bit where Regan plucks out Gloucester's eye? She does it with her teeth. ...I'll just give you a moment with sit with that. She's struggling with it and then she leans her face in, and there's a popping noise and a blood splatter. I still get the shudders. Apparently one guy opening night passed out in the audience.

Past the shock-factor, though, it was a pretty good show. It was actually the play I wrote my IB paper on, almost four years ago now. It seems like longer. I could hear bits I'd used in my argument, and new piece of diologue stood out to me that should've been in there too, but I didn't understand fully.

In other news, got the much longed for nod of approval from Natalie today in stage fighting. I apparently excell and the volte. Am still floating.

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  1. Nice on volta excelling. At least she likes you doing something. :)