Sunday, February 15, 2009

fairy cakes, or, it's a little cold in here...

Valentines Day. It happened.

Actually, it made for a pretty fun couple of days. I went to the National Gallery Friday afternoon to look at artwork, and then went over to Victoria Station to meet up with Tasha Rivera. Victoria Station, by the way, is huge. Four floors huge. It's both a tube station and a train station, so there's lots of commings and going and therefore lots of little shops. It was crazy.

Anyways, the two of us decided to have a very American night, so we went out to a Pizza Hut, (excuse me, Pasta Hut), and later a Baskin Robbins. Fabulous times. Then Saturday morning, we got up and headed over to King's Cross/St. Pancras Station to explore, upon the recomendation of my dad and brother. Saw the little tribute they did to Harry Potter, (yes I took a picture...), as well as (more seriously) the plaque to the bombing victims of 2005 7/7 incident. We ate at a little place called YO! Sushi, which had little plates going back and forth on a track, and you just grabbed the dishes you wanted. Then, because it was Valentine's Day, we went and grabbed these amazing fairy cakes, (known in the US as cupcakes...), that seriously had about four inches of frosting on them. Anyone who knows me knows this is a good thing. I also convinced a mom to buy one for her son who was all but drooling over mine. Then, as we finished up, a man came over and gave us free roses, coupled with these 100 page romance novels. Not sure which I liked better. The books are fabulously awful, by the way.

Then in the evening, the girls in the flat across the hall had a party (this is what happens when you have 30+ girls living together who are either single or away from their boyfriends, tho the BADA boys were also in attendance). Hilarity ensued in the forms of wine, chocolate cake, whipped cream, Shakira, and black lace underwear. Finished off the evening by watching the first half of Stardust with a flatmate. Wonderful evening.

And today was back to normal. There was laundry to get done, groceries to buy, and a paper to write. I hauled up in Starbucks and wrote 1400 words all in a go. Yup, I'm pretty proud.


  1. I bought my girlfriend a trashy romance novel for her birthday.

  2. those fairy cakes were damn tasty. i want another one... lol