Friday, February 20, 2009

Friday late start!

Derek Jacobi came and talked to us today, that was pretty cool. It made me laugh, because among other things, he was Claudius in the Keneth Branagh Hamlet we all saw senior year, and now here he is, Mr. Pouring Poison in the Ear himself sitting four feet away from me. Naturally I did not address him as thus. But he told us a really wonderful story of how he figured out he liked acting as a six year old, playing dress up in the streets, and how this one time he stole his mother's wedding veil for some game of pretend and ended up ripping it. He said a good play should have the audience come out thinking "what a wonderful journey we were just taken on!", and I really agree with that.

I'm starting to lose my voice a little, it's dropped down an octave to what I usually refer to as my "sexy husky voice", which actually ends up workign great for my Shakespeare class where I'm playing Viola in Twelfth Night (a girl who is pretending to be a guy). Anyways, it really pleased my teacher, which is always handy since she's a little fussy. My roomate says she likes this voice better than my normal voice, which worries me ever so slightly. But on a high note, I got one of the four A's in my theater crtiticism class, wheee!!

Tonight as a treat, two of my friends and I went out to a little funky Italian place for dinner, which was delicous. For dessert we got a treat called The Godfather; basically a massive chocolate brownie sundae with generous portions of everything on top. I felt like I was gonna burst at the seams, but it was so worth it.


  1. congrats on getting an A! and on not bursting at the seams.

  2. Grats on the A. Also...the voice thing is weird. I mean... not to rip on your sexy husky voice... but... I wouldn't say it's better than your normal voice.