Friday, February 27, 2009

Cadbury for all

Because I got out of class early today, and it was lovely lovely weather, I decided to go on an exploring adventure. Hopping on the tube, I headed over to Liverpool Station (which is very nice by the way), to check out two markets Jenny had recommended to me: Spitalfields and Petticoat Lane.
Petticoat lane is pretty straightforward in terms of what you'd expect from a street clothes market: lots of little stalls, clothes on wheely racks, a variety of nice stuff and brand knock-off with suspiciously removed tags. And of course, the vocal vendors, reminding you that everything is "very nice! very cheap!" One guy just kept yelling "Fiver, fiver!" (as in five pounds).

I liked Spitalfields a little more. It has more the feel of an open artfair, with brightly colored stalls packed together in a lovely sheltered but open market area. While some of the vendors were typically aggressive, many were friendly and charismatic. Like my buddy Ric, the print maker/stenciler (I mentioned my friends made stencil shirts to him, he thought that was cool...) Also met a guy who had been to Iowa of all places. I bought a shirt (black...) and a skirt. I also had my first patsy (yum!), AND on the way home Cadbury was giving out free samples of a new dessert, so I grabbed that, and am eating it right now. Hurray.

In five hours my roommate will be waking me up (as she will just be getting home from partying), and I will drag myself on to a train, and then a plane and fly to Paris for the weekend. I'm super excited. Won't be able to check email until Monday, but I'll let you know how it goes.


  1. Ooh, Paris! I'm jealous :)

    I'm glad you went to the markets- they're fun aren't they?! Did you see the massive selection of leather jackets at the back of Petticoat Lane? It was quite impressive.

    I started to write you a massive email yesterday, but just as I was about to send it to you, my internet crashed and I lost the whole thing :( I'll try again tomorrow, maybe. (And yay for free Cadbury!)

  2. You bought a black shirt in london? Jamie....

    You can imagine that last bit in my best "husband from i love lucy" voice. Also, yay for stencilers.