Sunday, April 12, 2009

...and it's Thanksgiving.

Title may be the quote of the day.

mmm, Easter Weekend. If you're British, it means a four day weekend: Good Friday, Saturday, Easter, Bank Holiday! If you go to BADA, though, it means it your last weekend together. We're all pretty much in denial about this fact, except for people like Lana and Katie and Group J who have been abroad for a whole year now. They can't wait to get home. But no one is wuite ready to say goodbye to eachother yet.

But what a lovely last weekend it's been. Friday evening was Judi Dench and Mc Flurries and a wonderful nightbus ride home. Then yesterday I went to a delicious restraunt, Wagamama (amazing.), and then walked around Brick Lane. This is a fun quirky little area, may try to revisit. Had a yummy little faerie cake and did some shopping. It was also fun because I got to catch with a friend of mine that is now in the other play so I don't see as much of her.

Today started off weird, and ended up visiting Leaden Market by myself (where Diagon Alley is filmed). On the way, walked past a little shrine (not sure that's the right word) commemorating those who had died from police brutality. I actually got a little teary. I wandered around down across the London Bridge and miracle of miracles found this little bakery that my brother and dad ate at when they visited here. They had no idea what it was called, but Ian recommended the rose meringues. So, armed with only the general location of Borough Market, and across the street from blue window sills (from the picture they took there), and a prayer that there would be meringues in the window sill I walked down the street. And lo and behold, there it was. A plate of rose meringues in the window sill and all. A little Easter miracle.

I was also spoilt because tonight Gage decided to cook an Easter ham for us all. It turned into a little potluck (I made cooked carrots- too bad I burned my arm in the process), and blew through several bottles of wine. Then, because we have just as many Jews in the program, we watched The Prince of Egypt. The fact that we were able to rent a copy on Edgeware Road, commonly known as Little Arabia kind of amuses me. But it was a great evening, and made me forget how Easter would be at home. Or usually is, this year Mom and Dad are in California, leaving Ian and Maggie to watch the house... just skyped with them, sounds like the house is still standing.

Tomorrow I plan to go to the grocery store and take full advantage of half price Easter candy. Let me tell you- Brits are serious about Easter candy. They might not have peeps or the Peep competitions, but they do sell chocolate eggs the size of my head for a mere eight pounds. A very nice trade off, I believe. Happy Easter and Passover, people. I'm off to bed.


  1. Hm.... $11 for something as big as your head? I have a pretty small head. =P

  2. nyaahhh. I dunno. I thought it was pretty amazing.