Friday, April 17, 2009

If we shadows have offended

After ten or so hours of rehearsal, we put on the show tonight. And now it's over. Now BADA is over. Now my junior year is over. I'm in a very weird jumbled up comglomeration of moods kind of mood right now. On the one hand I'm happy. I just put on a show that I had been working for five weeks straight on, and I did pretty well too. I'm also super happy that my mom is here. But I'm also sad, lonely, cynical, stressed, and worn out.

Basically I wake up tomorrow and pack- I have to be out of the Landward by 11, and take my suitcases over to school, (they said they would hang on to them for me). Mom and I are going to Scotland on Sunday, and then I'm meeting up with David in Dublin for a few days, and I spend my last week in London. But standing between me and all that are two suitcases, laundry and a pile of dirty dishes. This could get rough.

It's just weird to think, I've spent four months now with the same people, living, working, hanging out of the weekends, and I'll probably never see them again. Don't know how I feel just yet.

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