Tuesday, April 14, 2009

In her Shoes

...which are a British size four, by the way.

As it was a lovely morning that dawned today, I was hit with sudden inspiration. Having complained a lot about my walk to school everyday, I have decided to show it to you, in pictures! Then you can say you've walked two miles in London. Cool, right?

So. I come out of the Landward, and turn down this little backstreet.

And then cross the street. I now have trained myself to look right
instead of left, but just in case, the City of London's got my back every time I look down.

After walking five or six blocks, I turn down Baker Street, which has many a coffee shop, a Boot (like Walllgreens) and a lovely little sushi place that I get dinner at some times. It's also where the post office is.

At the corner, I have to cross Marley Bone Road (not to be confused with Marley Bone High St.), and proceed to wait at the world's longest light. It's made more difficult by being a fancy median walkway, so you cross halfway, and walk along before being able to cross the rest of the street. That it's right next to a tube station makes this a highly populated walkway. So sometimes I dodge it all and go underground. This is especially useful in the rain.

And, in case you haven't figured it out yet; yes, this is the famous Baker Street that Sherlock H0lmes lived on, (sort of, as he was fictional), and also where Basil lived, if you're a Disney fan... But this only increases tourist crowding (plus, it's the stop for Madame Tussuad's), which makes it a daily battle to get to school on time. Everyone stops to take a picture with this guy, (I find it amusing that I have now joined them...) and my friend rubs his foot every day for good luck.

BUT! There is a side street, which enables me to sneak around some of the traffic. We turn down a little street and walk past the lovely little traffic gate, which is probably a sign that we shouldn't be there, but oh well, can't be late for class. The flats here are all very lovely, and overlook the park. They also have constant maintenance being done on them.

Then, as you can see a tiny hint of in the next picture, we turn the corner, and cross into the park. This is about five minutes in, I've nicknamed this street Cherry Tree Lane, like in Mary Poppins, it leads to the "Inner Circle" of Regent's park.

Look familiar to anyone? It's the Broadwalk again! Only this time it's all green, no longer covered in snow. I think this is so pretty, with all of its trees lining the path. Plus, you always see all these incredibly well behaved dogs trotting along off leash, and a bazillion prams (strollers) as well.

Having reached the little white fountain at the top, I turn and walk down the hill, passing the playground I'm not allowed into (note the fence), and this incredible wooden structure, (which more than makes up for the lack of playground, minus swings, we totally should play sandmonster here!)

Then, I cross the street, leaving the park, and bam! iiiiit's BADA! Punch in the code, and we're in!
You've now walked to school with me.It's about a thirty -five minute walk, baring rain and snow. But some days I cheat and take the bus... :)


  1. So I always thought your building looked familiar, but now I know that it's because I've actually seen it before. Weird, but kinda cool!