Monday, April 13, 2009

an earful

Yup, it's an ear post. But I haven't really written about it here, and it's been interesting. First of all, BADA is an old building with really high ceilings, which makes for terrible accoustics, so that's always fun when we're all talking at the same time.

But also, this is the first time people have commented on effects my ear have in my life. My voice teacher thinks that my voice has the nasal quality that it does because I'm off in my vocal direction. My director actually asked today if I would be able to hear if people were laughing at the play, which I found really humorous. And it's funny, because only my friend David has figured out about which side to sit on, makes me realize how hard you guys all work with me, lol.

On a different note, these chocolate Easter eggs- they're the size of my head, come in huge boxes and are now half off. It's amazing how seriously Brits take Easter candy. I actually saw someone rejecting a three pound Easter egg the size of a football because it didn't have any candy in it. It baffles me. I bought myself a nicely sized rabbit, am quite pleased.

Also to add to my list: I will miss black current juice, i will not miss pogolink, our Internet provider.


  1. Wow. I never really think about your ear. In a good way. Not in a "I don't care about you" way, but in a "this is something this I'm am used to and it's pretty unnoticable anyways" kind of way.

  2. @colin: i mean... yes? how so?

  3. @jamie: in terms of the "nasal" quality to your voice. I don't really notice it....