Monday, April 6, 2009

April 6th

I have one month left in England. Dunno how I feel about this fact yet.

Also, it's my little brother's birthday tomorrow. Hard to think fifteen years ago I was a sickly little sickling who rolled over in the middle of the night and said "name him Ian." Hard to think that my five..nine maybe? shaved head brother was the little thing with huge blue eyes that fit in my arms. A little sappy, I apologize. Anyways, props to him, he just lettered in swimming and got most improved on the year. Not bad for having never done the sport.


  1. A sickly little sickling? I mean.... he has swam before...

  2. those were two different comments

  3. lol, i figured. i was really really sick when ian was born. i had a lot of trouble eating, because my mouth burned everytime i put food to my mouth. and yeah, ian's swam before, but never competitively before. this is his first time with that.