Friday, April 10, 2009

Odious Flowers Savored Sweet

Want to know what makes up for leaving your keys at school when it's raining and the building's already been locked because it's a holiday weekend? Getting Judi Dench's autograph. My friend Lauren and I went got to see her in a weird little play called "Madame de Sade" this evening. We had to stand for most of it, but the tickets were ten pounds, so there you go. She's my height, it's pretty sweet.

Midsummer Night's Dream goes up a week from today. Oh man, it's really hard to believe. Messed up a key line today- whoops. But in general, it was a really good run through. Our director realized she had blocked the lovers' fight scene badly, so she said "okay, let's improv it today and see what you come up with today." Hilarious chaos ensued. Originally, there's a lot of choreographed gimmicks with umbrellas that I'm amused by, but this morning was something else. Punching and purse hitting and the guys crawling over each other, and the phrases "whore" and "man stuff" worked their way in somehow. Excellent.

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