Monday, April 20, 2009

Scotland the Brave

Greetings from Scotland!

Mom and I got here yesterday afternoon, via train (from King's Cross, I showed her platform 9 3/4). It's been lovely so far, sunny and sixty. We've done a lot of just wandering around the city, taking silly pictures and admiring old buildings. The whole city of Edinburgh is now a historic heritage site, so there's really no shortage of cool looking places.

This morning we got up and hiked up to Arthur's Seat, an ex-volcano site which has about 2.5 km worth of stairs. Fun times. But the view was definitely worth it. As the owner of our B and B described it, it's like the center hole of a doughnut, you can see all around you for miles. We then freshened up into fancier ladies and went and had high tea at the Belmoral Hotel, the same bar that JK Rowling holed up in to write the last chapter of Harry Potter- with the helping hand of half a bottle of champagne, she told reporters. High Tea was amazing- lots of little sandwiches, delicious scones and yummy little cream filled cakes. Oh yes, and tea. Reminded me of a birthday party I went to when I was little and we had a tea party with fancy dresses and cucumber sandwiches. Afterwards, Mom and I decided we needed to hike off some of the food, (so sleepy afterwards...) so we went up to Callton's Peak, which had a bunch of monuments of the ancient Greek style, for reasons I'm not entirely sure. Made better by the fact that Scotland ran out of money for such monuments, and so some aren't finished. Still nice though.

On a side note, our B and B, the Strathallan, is really really great. It's a cute little building with nice beds (amazing after the Lnadward), and nice water shower (again), and nice breakfast in the morning. It's owned by this nice former soccer player and his tiny sweet little purse-toting wife. He asked us where we were from this morning, and when we said MN, he goes "right, I'm going to go look at my map..." and walks out of the room.

Hopefully I'll get a chance to post about Edinburgh some more later.


  1. Hehe, that guy seems like quite the character.

    So... when you said you were going to be back the 6th of May I assumed you'd be at BADA until thenish. I hope you gave them a forwarding address?

  2. yeah, no worries, they have one, but they're holding my mail because i stop back my last week in london. (there's other stuff that needed to come via mail and didn't) plus, i owe them a little money, and they are in possesion of my suitcases... may want to stop back right?

  3. bed and breakfasts in Scotland are the best... My mom and I stayed in one in 2002. And really, Edinburgh is my favourite city in the world, without a doubt.