Sunday, April 12, 2009

Pros and Cons

It's a bit early for this, but I figure if I start now, I will have time to appreciate, versus just getting sad.
Things I will miss about London:
  • Taking the Night Bus, and watching the sidewalk disappear as we turn a corner
  • That lovely automated woman's voice telling us not to stand on the stairs on a one story bus
  • Old British people- Sheila, Norman, that sweet guys reading the paper at MacDonald's
  • Hyde Park and Regents Park
  • Piccadilly Circus
  • The Duke of York, Earl of Camden (London's finest royalty)
  • The student discount. Really gonna miss that.
  • Our washing machine that sounds like a plane taking off whenever its running
  • The adorable well behaved puppies in the park
  • Cadbury mini-eggs. Like year round as opposed to just as Easter.
  • Galaxy Bars. 79 pence for a kingsized bar. It's amazing.
  • Strongbow. nuff said.
  • Romel and the adorable woman in our canteen.
  • The Lovestruck section of The London Paper. Such a good indulgence
  • Waitrose. I love grocery stores. Who knew?
  • Seeing plays on a regular basis
  • The walk to school.
  • The Sign Language interpreter who occasionally appears at the bottom of the screen.
Things I will not
  • The walk to school.
  • The lack of Mexican food.
  • Trying to fit four people's worth of groceries into a mini fridge
  • Taxis who don't care about pedestrians
  • Dirty Dishes
  • The tiles on the street that aren't secured down and trip you up on your walk
  • Not being aloud into playgrounds. I need a swing set very badly.
  • The infuriating British stubbornness when it comes to rules. Even ones that make no sense
  • Only having four channels on the TV, tho it's funny when the German one comes in.
  • Topping up my Oyster Card- just drains money
  • No iced tea!!!!
  • British nutrition facts. I have no idea how they work!
  • My angry, angry neighborhood.
  • Knowing exactly where each and every spring is in my mattress.

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  1. you're not allowed into parks? This is Labour treachery, no doubt.