Thursday, April 2, 2009

The start of a beautiful friendship

Papers are finí. ha CHA. Thank goodness, I have never stared at a blank screen for so long before.

In other news, I should probably put an update on my post on the protest the night before, lest I, too, be accused of media skewing. Things did get a little violent last night, nothing horrendous, but at least one person died, which is never good. The Bank of Scotland got a window smashed in the city, this I'm less sympathetic about as it was the Bank of Scotland where the official took the extremely large bonus while the workers were losing money, (this Scot does not approve). Still, I should remember that other innocent people worked there, too, who do not deserve to be attacked. I am sorry for them.

On a more cheery topic: the nineteen forties was probably the best decade of the twentieth century. With the exception of WWII, and the Japanese interment camps, the quality of life actually improved for many. Though I spose it doesn't take much to improve from the 1930's... Still everyone was beautiful then- no one was badly dressed. And the dialogue. Beautiful. Perhaps some who know me well can guess how I have spent my evening celebrating wrapping up my papers.


  1. I don't know that one person dying isn't horrendous.

  2. precisely my point with the next line of my entry. it wasn't a massacre, but i'm not pleased.